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Pinned topic Question on MDM Workbench install

‏2013-06-18T04:45:42Z | mdm-migration

Last week customer had issue trying to install the MDM Workbench in the RSA 8.0.4 environment.

They traced at least some of the problems to the fact that the MDM scripts default to /u01/app/oracle/oradata/ database space, which in their case have almost no free space.

Is it possible to re-direct to another space through some parameter?

The following link would work nicely with the MDM server

but not with the MDM Workbench which imports all these data and then does a lot of other stuff pre and post the db install. Is there a way to parameterize it? If there is no other way, customer is asking can they install workbench manually, not just the db part?