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Pinned topic ALERT: Avoid upgrading to IEM version 9.1 at this time if you have MDM of Server Automation components deployed.

‏2014-04-02T18:26:28Z | support
At this time please avoid upgrading your IEM deployment to version 9.1 if you have the Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Server Automation (SA) components deployed.  The proxy agent in these components is currently incompatible with the IEM version 9.1 relay component and upgrading your relays (which have these components installed on them) to version 9.1 will break relay operations.
The following announcement made to the BESAdmin-Announcements mailing list details these incompatibilities (and workarounds) due to the new Enhanced Security options in version 9.1:  The announcement recommends delaying the upgrade to version 9.1 for several weeks while the MDM and SA teams release a proxy agent up to full compatibility.