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Pinned topic V7.1 Trial on Windows with MF NetExpress

‏2013-04-16T19:41:43Z |

Here are the steps I used to install the trial version on Windows. I'm using Micro Focus COBOL.

Create & start server:


cicscp -v create sfs_server /.:/cics/sfs/MYSERVER
cicscp -v start sfs_server /.:/cics/sfs/MYSERVER
Create & start region:
cicscp -v create region myregion
cicscp -v start region myregion
Running sfsadmin list files -server /.:/cics/sfs/MYSERVER, returns
Add listener process:
1. Run the following command to add a listener definition to the region:
   cicsadd -c ld -r myregion -P myregion Protocol=NamedPipe NamedPipeName=CICSAA
2. Edit c:\opt\cics\bin\cicslcli.ini
3. Find the entry that has CICSAA as the value for the Named pipe name field. 
4. Change the value of the Server field to the name of your region:
   Server = myregion
5. Save and close.
Stop all local terminals:
Start > Programs > IBM > TXSeries for Multiplatforms > Stop All Local Terminals
cicscp -v stop region myregion
Setup IVP:
cicsivp -r myregion -s /.:/cics/sfs/MYSERVER -v sfs_SMYSERVE -l COBOL
Compile IVP for COBOL (MF Net Express):
cd c:\opt\cics\samples\ivp
nmake COBOL
Copy *.MAP to c:\var\cics_regions\myregion\maps\prime
Copy *.cbmfnt to c:\var\cics_regions\myregion\bin
Config IVP:
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGA PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGC PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGL PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCBRW PathName="dfhcbrw"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCMNU PathName="dfhcmnu"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGB PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGK PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCALL PathName="dfhcall"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCCOM PathName="dfhccom"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCREN PathName="dfhcren"
Run IVP:
cicscp -v start region myregion StartType=cold
Start terminal, select myregion, enter transaction MENU

Using the above install method, everything works correctly except the IVP. I can run the default transactions, but when I try to run MENU, I get the following error:

ERZ014016E: Transaction 'MENU', Abend 'APCT', at 'ZLKZ'.

If I check console.000001, I get no additional error information:

ERZ014016E/0028 04/16/13 15:25:22.491600000 myregion    3520/0001  ZLKZ: Transaction 'MENU', Abend 'APCT', at 'ZLKZ'.

Anyone no where to go from here?