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Pinned topic CPUs different between Ver 33f & 34a

‏2013-11-01T16:36:04Z | 33f 34a cpus version


I'm looking at a p740 with 16 CPUs installed.

The LPAR in question has a 7 CPU entitlement with 7 Virtual Processors & 4 SMT threads. 

When I run the 33f  version, I get reports on 28 CPUs.

When I run the 34a version, I get reports on 4 CPUs.

I can understand the older version reporting on all logical CPUs, but would have thought the newer version would have been for 7 VPs.

Other settings are: LPARed DRable SMT Shared Capped Migratable Not-Donating AMSable.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

TIA - John McQue.


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    Re: CPUs different between Ver 33f & 34a



    First I had better tell you that no one should have or be using anything other than nmon analyser version 34a.  This removed a load of bugs and improved the graphs etc.

    What I think you are seeing is a bug in one version of the nmon code that comes with AIX and this was fixed in a service pack.

    Cheers, Nigel Griffiths