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Pinned topic DS4700 Replaced Hot Spare shows removed

‏2014-08-11T20:18:21Z |

Hello, first some pertinent information

DS4700 controller firmware

EXP810 ESM firmware 98G0

Storage Manager 10.60.G5.16

0, 16 Optimal 136.732 GB Hard Disk Drive Fibre 4 Gbps ST3146954FC F B90G


The DS4700 and the EXP810 have one each Hot Spare. The drive in the EXP810 failed and was replaced. It was removed and added per instructions in Recovery Guru.

The physical view of the replacement drive shows it online and optimal, and the symbol on the drive indicating it is a Hot Spare. However Recovery Guru still reports the drive as Removed. While waiting for another replacement drive, a data drive failed and reconstruction occurred on the Hot Spare as normal even though RG reports it missing and status removed. After data drive was replaced and rebuilt, we again removed the drive from Hot Spare, manually failed it, replaced it, then added as Hot Spare using another replacement drive. Recheck on Recovery Guru still shows missing and removed.

Functionally the Hot Spare is working normally, but we cannot get Recovery Guru to recognize the drive has been replaced.

Any suggestions how to proceed?