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I have a raw nmon file which returns a "subscript out of range" error when I process it.  All I need are the LPAR physical cores for the time slots.  At the error there are spreadsheets but the data does not appear to be consistent with our expectations.  How might I get around this error?  I get the same error when I try to process vio LPAR's for these servers.  I'm attaching one of the vio datasets.  The large DB server is over 10 MB's so I can't upload it.

John Williams


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    Re: nmon analyzer error 9 "subscript out of range:



    You file has loads of blank lines before the ZZZZ data lines. Deleting these helps the analyser. Actually I changed them with vi :1,$s/^$/BBBS,junk/

    The answer still runs in to problems but after the graphs are created - but that might be a regular Excel issue with the number of point you collected and running out of memory.

    You have collected 1440 samples which is a lot at that means one pixel per sample on most screens.

    I am using 3.4a  - it is not clear you are using the latest version or not.

    If totally stuck and you need some number sort -n the nmon file and open it with vi. Find the section you want and just load that into Excel as CSV dat and draw your own graphs.

    The nmon files are just TEXT so I don't know why so many people are scared to just edit them or have a look :-)

    Hope this helps, cheers, Nigel Griffiths