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Pinned topic DB2 on AIX long user names

‏2013-04-19T15:27:15Z |

We're trying to using Active Directory as a single user account database, and have successfully gotten AIX logons using AD username and passwords going, however, I am now having problems geting DB2 to work.

If the user name is longer than 8 characters, the DB2 complains that the userid is invalid.

It's not clear from the documentation if this should work. On the one hand it syas that DB2 supports authorisation ID's up to I think 128 characters, and that as long as the ID conforms to your OS restrictions it should be fine. On the other hand it implies a flat limit on UNIX & Linux of 8 characters.

We have AIX 6.1 and DB2 10.1.

I have also tried using LDAP groups as again the documentation implies that DB2 support long group names, but whilst I can successfully grant authorisations in DB2 to long names, if the group member has a long name DB2 again complains.

This seems odd behaviour when AIx supports long names (they seem to work just fine), DB2 supports long names, and active directory/LDAP support them too...

Should this work and if not why not?

Regards, Ian/