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Pinned topic BNT 2/3 1GB switch module to Cisco Nexus not working?

‏2014-09-03T16:26:00Z | 2/3 bnt

Hi, have BladeCenter H with BNT 2/3 1GB switch modules that has 6 EXT ports and 14 INT ports.  We are having trouble getting this to talk to the Nexus 2000 switch.  We want it setup in a trunk (not LACP) so we can utilize bandwidth and redundancy across the blade servers.  Cisco is setup for tagged VLAN 44 but not sure how to exactly match up the BNT 2/3 settings.  It seems right now like BPDU on CISCO is shutting down the ports and a suggestion is to disable BPDU on the BNT EXT ports.  On the BNT, we created VLAN, Spanning Tree group and Trunk Group anded EXT ports to Trunk Group.  Enabled VLAN/PVID with default of 44 on all ports.

Thoughts ?