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Pinned topic difference between Mashup Center and ICN Implementation

‏2013-10-17T13:35:20Z | center icn mashup

Can you please let me know the differences between Mashup Center and ICN. I have implemented in-baskets as pages in Mashup Center. Is there any concept of pages and spaces in ICN too?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • damorris
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    Re: difference between Mashup Center and ICN Implementation


    Mashup center is a hard-coded set of closed source widgets.  They are iWidgets specifically and are tied to the Mashup container you are using.  ICN has widgets built from Dojo (JavaScript), CSS, HTML that are not tied to any particular container and therefore are relatively easily repurposed in multiple containers (SharePoint web parts, WebSphere Portal portlets, iWidgets, etc) and on multiple platforms / devices (android, iOS).

  • BJOwings
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    Re: difference between Mashup Center and ICN Implementation


    There is no ability to drag-and-drop create a layout using pages and spaces.  Custom layouts can be built in ICN but it requires programming.  The closest analog to a space in ICN is a desktop, and ICN has features (which you see the icons for on the left-hand side) which might be a close-enough analog to pages.  It is possible to create custom features using a plug-in (programming) that can then be configured together on a desktop.  The desktop can then be given a list of users and groups that have access.

    Another possibility to consider is the new IBM Case Manager.  This is built on top of ICN and adds the concept of pages.  Of course it is intended for the building of case applications which may or may not fit your use case.