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Pinned topic Call to sdsq_fattr() failed

‏2013-09-04T15:05:09Z |

Running C:D 4.0 on AIX 5.3.  Submit a process and got this error:

STAR=20130904 10:26:58|SNOD=REMOTE|CCOD=8|RECI=XCPS|RECC=CAEV|TZDI=-14400|MSGI=XCPS001I|LNOD=P|PNOD=LOCAL|MSGT=ndm_error_set(); rc=8 fdbk=0 msgid=XCPS001I stext=Call to sdsq_fattr() failed.|MSST=Call to sdsq_fattr() failed.

Looks like a permissions error.  I've searched for "sdsq_fattr" and "XCPS001I" , but every link I find on google is link spam.  Anyone know the cause of this error?