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‏2012-12-06T17:37:57Z |
  I got this today:
I serioulsy need to write web based applications using MYSQL and java where i can be able to Add data, Update data , Delete data and View (Create Report)  data to and from Mysql Database.

This looked like a good discussion for everyone to see as we will likely find tools and techniques of general use.

In general, working with PHP and any database is not too hard.  It is, after all, the foundation of the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) programming paradigm.  Some reach for tooling first, since we seem to be in a drag-and-drop sort of world.  Call me "old school" but I think it's valuable to have some understanding of what the tools is creating for you.  This kind of code is pretty readable and the basic interactions are fairly straight forward.  Learning to hack this a little with a text editor will do you a lot of good in the long-run.

So, with that in mind, here are some specific resources:

I could probably find more resources, but that should be enough to give an overview and a few examples of PHP in action.

So, the question is: What does your application need to do?  What sorts of design considerations have you already put into place?  Designing PHP software is pretty much like designing any software.  It all starts with a clear description of what you need it to do.  You don't necessarily need to share your design here, but that should drive all of the questions.

Start with some tutorials and get simple PHP/data interactions working through a text editor.  Once you have that down then it's time to look at how to incorporate that function into your other development and design methodologies.