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‏2014-01-22T17:13:42Z | 9.0.787.0

Anyone know of any issues with having clients and relays running versions 9.0.787.0 on a 9.0.649.0 system? 

  • jgstew
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    Re: Client version mix


    I have been told by IBM that having a Mix of 8.2.x through 9.0.x should not cause an issue.  Point releases should not cause issues, though I would recommend updating the relays to the highest version available. We had some relay issues in 9.0 that have been addressed by later releases.

  • liuhoting
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    Re: Client version mix


    I think 9.0.787 and 9.0.649 should play nicely with each other, although do you have a specific reason for not upgrading your 9.0.649 stuff to 9.0.787?