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Pinned topic Emulex vNic showing wrong speed

‏2013-04-30T10:11:21Z |

BCH with 2 x BNT Virtual Fabric Switch

I have three vnics defined to the blade in both VF switches:

1.1  vlan group 3     speed 20

1.2  vlan group 11  speed 40

1.3 vlan group 5   speed 40

HS23 with Emulex OneConnect OCl11104-f-x 10Gb adapter

Win2008R2 identifies the 6 vnics and all the mac addresses match up.

The two vNics associated with the third vlan is showing as 1Gb rather than 4Gb as per the config.

We've tries setting the vnics to 100M but this doesn't change anything at the server end.

Any ideas why this is occurring?





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    Re: Emulex vNic showing wrong speed


    Hi Glenn

    On HS23 we have 10G on board , but also we have 1G on the same chip.

    Because this card can support only 4 function , in HS23 you have only 6 vnics :

    INTx.1,INTx.2, INTx.4


    Vnic  INTx.3 is a 1 GE port so configuration on the switch doesn't affect this port cause it is always 1G and it is connected to bay 1 and 2.