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‏2013-10-10T06:09:53Z | extension isim workflow

We have been working on an example ISIM Workflow Extension  and tutorial which will hopefully be of some use to the community .

The example: -

  • makes HTTP calls to REST Services and can POST data and receive responses
  • can be used for many different purposes as the URL and Payload are configurable in the workflow
  • documentation also shows how to use and configure the Eclipse IDE to develop your own extensions
  • can be used to integrate workflow with IBM Directory Integrator (a sample AssemblyLine is provided) so you can connect to many data sources to send or receive data

Please let me know what you think. Best regards,

Vincent Cassidy

  • yn2000
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    Re: Example RESTful ISIM Workflow Extension


    Very impressive. I like the use of TDI, because it brings the whole spectrum of TDI based solution into the picture.
    I also have a chance to visit your page and impress with what you have done with ITIM. You have brought ITIM to another level of customization.

    Thanks you for sharing. YN.

    By the way, I think you should submit a topic as a speaker in PULSE.

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  • Erik@Gemini
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    Re: Example RESTful ISIM Workflow Extension


    very cool

  • goonitsupport
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    Re: Example RESTful ISIM Workflow Extension


    very cool

    Praise indeed.

    Many thanks Erik, great to get some feed back and thanks for taking the time.

    Best regards,