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Pinned topic SLM Shaping policy not behaving as expected.

‏2013-12-31T10:34:26Z | shape slm

Hi ,

We are using IBM DataPower XI50 Version have shaping SLM rule configured using the SLM Shaping Policy, but the DataPower is inconsistent and is allowing more messages passing through than we expected.

Below is the observation on our test environment.

1) The DataPower is configured to shape 1 message every 12 seconds.

2) We injected messages at a rate of 30/minute to the DataPower Front end, and monitored the messages coming to the backend interface.

3) Messages start to come through in batches of 2 after approximate 12 seconds and then become more inconsistent.

4) Expected behaviour is one message every 12 seconds.

5) Messages passed by DataPower by minutes over the run is below . Expected is 5 messages a minute

14:23  :  1

14:24  : 10

14:25  : 8

14:26  : 9

14:27  : 9

14:28  : 9

14:29  : 9


Below are the configuration values.

Threshold interval Type: Moving

Threshold Algorithm: Greater Than

Threshold Type: Count all


Are we missing any configuration? Any help is much appreciated.