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Pinned topic How to find expensive Rules?

‏2015-05-27T12:12:08Z |

Occasionally I receive the Message: "Expensive CRE Rule found", so I ran /opt/qradar/support/, downloaded the results and opened the .txt file in Excel. Now I have a lot of Columns: AverageExecutionTime, TotalTestTime, ActionsTime, ResponseTime and so on. Is there any documentation on how to interprete these values? What am I looking for in order to find the most expensive rules?

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    Re: How to find expensive Rules?


    I usually sort the spreadsheet with AverageExecutionTime and TotalExecutionTime; and start with top 10 to investigate the expensive rules. Keep in mind that, you would need to run; when you see CRE queue is dropping events, otherwise spreadsheet won't be helpful to you.