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Hello all,

Iwanmt to connect ds4700 directly to p520. I have connected two fibre pci cards in the server which are connected to each hba host on each controller on ds4700. 

 What I want to do is create two vio which should boot from San & then map all the Lpars's to the San.

Please let me know step by step process.

Thanks all

  • Mangesh Shirke
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    Re: Connect ds4700



    First thing, directly connecting storage to server is not at all recommended. In this case I am assuming that you are having two dual port HBA and both HBA are connected to both storage controllers.

    In this case you will be able to connect only one host to storage. Two things to bring in attention.

    1) If you are using brocade HBA in host then direct connectivity will not work.

    2) If you are directly connecting host to storage then connecting other storage host port to SAN switch is not recommened.

    Kindly find below steps which you will have to follow for the same.

    1) Physically connect HBA to both controllers.

    2) Note down HBA WWPN numbers.

    3) Define host using using this WWPN numbers in storage. As you are planning for SAN boot your host must be down. So this wwpn numbers will not automatically get detected in storage until and unless make flogi manually from host. So in this case you can manually enter WWPN numbers while defining host.

    4) Create Lun which will be used for SAN boot.

    5) Map this LUN to host.

    6) Configure host for SAN booting.

    7) Install operating system.

    8) Create other LUN's required as per requirement and map it to host.

    9) Install multipathing drivers on host.

    10) Create filesysetem and use LUN's.

    Hope this resolves your query. Kindly let us know if anything else is required.


    Mangesh Shirke