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‏2014-05-05T09:48:50Z | fixlet iis powershell relevance tem

Hello Friends


I am a TEM newbie and now asked to convert PowerShell scripts to fixlets.

I heard that there is a utility that can convert powershell code to relevance but I am unable to find it yet.

So far, I saw a *NIX SHELL to Relevance link in URL but nothing for powershell.

Do we have any such utility ?


Senthil Nathan M


  • Tim.Rice
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    Re: PoWerShell to relevance Conversion


    A couple points ...

    1. I've never seen a "converter" either.
      You CAN use an IEM Fixlet/Task to create a .ps file on a target machine and call PowerShell with it as an argument.  Look into the "createfile until ..." command
    2. Relevance by itself is Read-Only.  You can't DO anything with Relevance.  Activities are performed with the Action scripting code.  Relevance code can be included in an Action script using curly brackets "{ }" to perform substitution in the Action script.  Relevance is used to either gather/represent information about an endpoint or to target machines based on information about them.

    If you are referring to WMI queries, as long as it's a query not a command to change something, it can be done with relevance.