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Pinned topic How to debug OSGi applications on Liberty Profile?

‏2013-09-14T05:42:01Z | console debug liberty osgi

HI All, I'm trying to deploy an Enterprise OSGi application (EBA archive) on Liberty but it fails to start because of bundle resolve problems. I tryed to to use the OSGi console to debut this issue but when I telnet to the console port I can only see the server bundles, not my application bundles. I cannot neither see the bundles from the bundle repository, that I use from my application. Is there a way to have the same feature available in full profile, where a wsadmin shell is provided to debug this kind of problems? If this feature is not available, how to debug OSGi problems?

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    Re: How to debug OSGi applications on Liberty Profile?


    Hi Patrizio,

    We don't have an OSGi console for OSGi applications - it's a known requirement :(  The osgiConsole feature is for the runtime, not for OSGi applications.  Having said both of these things, the chances are your application is not getting to the point where you would be able to see it in the runtime because it is probably failing resolution during deployment.  Is there a resolution error message that's being output when you try to deploy & start the application?

    Regards, Graham.