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Pinned topic SV-3 Reporting issues (DAF2)

‏2013-04-24T00:54:11Z | bug daf2 dm2 error issues report sv-3

I'm playing around with the SV-3 DAF2 reports in SA 11.4.2 and and I'm getting some unusual results. Now I'm not sure whether the System Resource Flows need to have unique names, but it seems that this is the only way that the report will generate nicely (See attachment 20130424-31.png). As soon as I start naming the System Resource Flows with identical names, the report starts splitting some of the System Resource Flows over two lines of the report and only showing either the From or To System listed in the "From/To System" column (See attachment 20130424-30.png).

Q1. Is it best practice to give Resource Flows unique names? (I wouldn't have thought so)

Q2. Has anyone else experienced this seemingly "bug" and found a work around for using non-unique names?


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