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Pinned topic Can't Create new Workorders or display database objects in database configuration application

‏2013-08-28T17:11:20Z |


i'm facing a problem with Maximo Asset Management, In work order tracking application i can't create new work orders or change the status of the already created work orders 

an error appearing 

" BMXAA6712E - The database connection failed and the record was not retrieved. Try the operation again. If you experience repeated failures, check the log files in the home directory or contact your system administrator."

and in log file i found this error too "BMXAA6713E - The MBO fetch operation failed in the mboset with the SQL error code -1655. The record could not be retrieved from the database. See the log file for more details about the error."

and in Database configuration application i recieve the same error when trying to display all objects,

I think there are an inconsistent records or something like that, but i couldn't find anything can help me troubleshooting this issue


The Maximo Version i have is IBM Maximo Enterprise Assete Management

Thanks in Advance