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Pinned topic RDz z/OS Probe unable to locate listing

‏2014-03-11T15:20:17Z | file listing probe z/os

Testing the RDz integrated debugger, against a COBOL program, running in CICS TS 51. When I start my debug session and start the transaction, I get a popup window that states the

z/OS Probe unable to locate the listing file dated, then it gives the date and time the last program was compiled.

I put the AQE_DBG_V4LIST in the CADP transaction profile and also the DD AQEV4LST in the CICS jcl, and both point to my cobol listing file.

The listing for the program is in the file

I'll verify again, that I'm using the right format when compiling, the code

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    Re: RDz z/OS Probe unable to locate listing



    Listing related issues almost always require more information in order to resolve. Normally I would recommend contacting IBM support, and opening a PMR, but  I see that has been done already.

    Perhaps you could post an update to let everyone know what the resolution was in your particular case?