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Pinned topic IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management UI Beta Drop 7 is available

‏2013-11-06T06:21:07Z |

Dear all

We are delighted to announce the release of IBM SC APM UI vNext beta drop 7 (Download).

A key enhancement in this milestone is the ability to automatically discover and define applications and their components within the Application Performance Management UI. This ensures that you see your applications in the dashboard quickly, accurately, and without significant manual effort. In this beta release, you will be able to tune the performance of the Service Component Repository (SCR) to better take advantage of this enhancement.
Other key features in this milestone include the "breadcrumb" capability, which makes it easier to backtrack to find  information more quickly; and the addition of key information when viewing events, such as the description of the alert that triggered an event.   

(Please Note: This beta release requires the IBM Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure components and therefore should not be installed in an IBM SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight environment.)

Please have a try and let us know your feedback on this beta (survey).