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Pinned topic in sas module can't create a zone

‏2013-12-19T12:20:17Z |

Dear All,

I have a blade center H with 5 server and 1 sas connectivity module to attach a tape drive. Bay 2 server is used to connect to the tape drive. Sometimes the tape disappears from the server without any error in AMM or SAS Module.i have to power cycle the tape drive to show it again. I have updated the server IMM(1.41) and uefi(1.21) to latest level along with the AMM(3.66b) and SAS Module(0370). The problem is that I cannot see any option to change the zoning of the SAS Module so that I can put the Blade Bay 2 and SAS Module external port (on which the tape is connected) in one zone.As described by the below link.

 It only shows me 1 predefined config and 4 user defined config on both the AMM interface and the SAS Module web interface.I know that I cannot change the predefined config, but there is no option to change any user defined config listed. Is there any configuration which has to be done before I can change the zoning or I am doing something wrong? I am also attaching the screen shots of both AMM and SAS Module interfaces.


need help