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Pinned topic Software Distribution Tasks and MSI errors

‏2014-03-29T23:04:17Z |

It appears that the default software distribution tasks created by the software distribution dashboard will have a status of completed even if the Windows Installer process returns an error.  The Windows Installer/MSI error is just echoed to the SWD_DeploymentResults.log.  I'm wondering if this error code is intentionally not returned to the console for some reason?  I've tested adding a couple of lines to the action script that appears to work.   The two lines I'm adding are highlighted below.

echo. >> "{parameter "logFolder"}/{parameter "logFile"}"
exit %errorlevel%

move __createfile run.bat
// You will not be able to stop or take action on an applicable BigFix Client until your installer completes.
// So ensure no user input is required.
// If your package absolutely must interact with the user, replace 'override wait' with 'override run' and 'wait' with 'run'.
if{name of operating system as lowercase starts with "win"}
override wait
wait run.bat
continue if {exit code of action = 0}


This causes the action to fail if msiexec.exe returns an error and the exit code is shown in the action's summary in the console. Just wondering if I'm overlooking anything or if anyone has better suggestions.  Thanks!