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‏2013-07-05T07:56:52Z | wesb


 I have an integration with Tibco Messaging system in one of the integration flow.For this I have used a Generic Message Binding on the import which finally sends message to Tibco. And this works as expected.

Problem : Lets say the Tibco went down for some time, at this time I expect the message flowing through import should get exception and land in the failed event, and error to be printed in system logs.

But I can see only error in logs, saying the destination is invalid but no failed event is getting generated.

note : I'm using websphere esb


Thanks in advance.


  • Marimuthu Udayakumar
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    Re: Failed event not generated


     If such messages are not appearing in the failed event manager, ensure that the underlying SIB destination of the JMS destination has a maximum failed deliveries value greater than 1. Setting this value to 2 or more enables interaction with the failed event manager during SCA invocations for the JMS bindings.

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