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‏2013-11-25T05:27:41Z | filenet monitor system


     I Have installed FSM 4.5 on the following system 

1. WIndows Server 2008 R2

2. SQL server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition

3. No LDAP

4. Embedded Jetty server

5.FileNet 4.5 Environment

I have installed FSM on the Filenet server only and Cala_rex client also but while trying to configure the process engine it is displaying as Appserver, in that it is showing Websphere 5.0,Wesbsphere 6.0.1 and Webservice. I tried to configure using the webservice and add the details of the server, in the next tab we need to enter the jmx port, i did not enter anything by default it is blank(i left it as blank) , if i click on test it is displaying the WorkpalceXT all the Details , i created and added the servers, after adding also even if manually stop the Process Engine and start also no events are displayed in the FSM, Please help me out on this.We need to implement in production next week.