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Background: I am working on Maximo 7.5 with Service Provider Ad-on. In the Item Master (SP) application, it allows to select/associate multiple Customer records to a particular item. To do so, I need to click on the Lookup button which opens up a dialog box called 'Add/Modify Customer Associations' and select single/multiple customer records.

Issue: If I have selected multiple records (associated in past or added at the moment) and my dialog box shows multiple records in the dialog box then I am able to click on the Cancel button and dialog box closes down. BUT, If I have only 1 record on the dialog box (either earlier selected or added at the moment), I am not able to 'Cancel' the dialog box. In this case I will click on OK button to close down the dialog box.

This seems to be a product bug but I need to find out where can I fix it?

Thanks - Sourabh

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    Re: Issue with Cancel button of a dialog box


    I have found the fix for this. I just had to replace the maxevent from 'dialogcancel' to 'dialogclose' to make it work. Got the answer from another blog. Thanks!