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Pinned topic Unable to add Primary and Secondary proxy Address for Exchange 2010 through 64 bit AD Adapter

‏2013-04-23T18:50:08Z |

I am adding proxy addresses to the AD account when provisioning a new AD account for a user.

I am sending the following values for the "erADEProxyAddresses" attribute:

Add request is completed successfully. AD account on ITIM displays both these proxy address value, however on AD, only the primary value "" get added. It seems the secondary value "" is dropped while creating the new account. In the AD adapter logs, I see that the adapter has successfully received the two values for this attribute.


Following this, if an exisiting account is MODIFIED, new secondary proxy values get successfully added to the Account on both ITIM and AD. Is there some special consideration for adding a new account with multiple values for "erADEProxyAddresses" that I might be missing?

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