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Pinned topic Bringing a Dialog Box to the front (in a trigger)

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Hello Dxl Community

I have a trigger which launches a DB for attribute editing. The problem is, it keeps hiding behind the Module Window, when the trigger event occurs. I can make a simple InfoBox or Warning Box stay in front of the Module Window when writing triggers. However an application with DB/DBE objects keeps jumping behind.  I cannot find a command/parameter combination that forces it to stay in front. Has anyone had this type of problem?

Perhaps there is something about the trigger mechanism that causes this. I am at home now, without access to DOORS , but I am quite sure the same code in normal dxl application (non-trigger)  program does not cause it to go behind.

best regards


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  • Adamarla
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    Re: Bringing a Dialog Box to the front (in a trigger)


    When you create a DB, you may pass an optional parent argument. It can be a module or another DB. If you do not pass a parent, the DOORS Explorer window is used.

    My guess is you are not setting the module as the db parent.


  • 7XUT_Antonio_Norkus
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    Re: Bringing a Dialog Box to the front (in a trigger)


    you can specify that a DB should stay in front of all other windows, by using the "Floating" style, e.g.

    DB db = create("Title", styleFloating)

    Here are the DB styles, that you can OR together:

    styleStandard  - Appears like other Rational DOORS windows. 
    styleFixed  - Has no resizing capability. 
    styleCentered  - Appears in the center of the screen. 
    styleCentred  - Appears in the center of the screen. 
    styleFloating  - Appears above all other Rational DOORS windows. 
    styleNoBorder - Has no title bar or resizing capability. 
    styleThemed - Inherits themed styles into tabs 
    styleAutoParent - Automatically set the parenting of controls based on layout information 


    DB db = create("Title", styleFixed|styleCentred|styleFloating)

  • llandale
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    Re: Bringing a Dialog Box to the front (in a trigger)

    • bringToFront(dbMyDialog)

    My memory is that the "parent" Box is the one that gets the focus when the child is closed.  Also, the child is initially displayed relative to the parent (on-top) rather than relative to the screen.  I don't think it demands display precedence; you can certainly select the parent (from the task bar) and deal with it; child now being behind.