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‏2014-02-03T09:17:01Z | liberty ltw


We have a big project which uses ltw(load-time weaving) provided by aspectj (

We have chosen ltw because it provides better performance and flexibility than common proxies and binary time weaving.

Our project uses Spring and works properly on Tomcat and Websphere 7. These web-servers provides mechanisms to activate ltw:

- Tomcat allows to redefine classloader in context.xml

- Websphere 7 allows to register classloader using (org.springframework.instrument.classloading.websphere.WebSphereClassLoaderAdapter uses it)

But we have not found any solutions to use ltw in Liberty Profile 8.5.5.

It seems there are no way to redefine classloader or to use Websphere 7 approach.

Please, advice how we can achieve our goals

I've attached very simple example which can demonstrate the issue.





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    Re: Load-time weaving in Liberty profile


    There is an issue where load-time weaving does not work with the Liberty Profile at the moment, nor does the Liberty Profile support the pre-define plugin for class loading. Please open a PMR so we can work on a fix for you.


    --joe, Liberty Profile development