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‏2013-06-10T14:19:56Z | junk nls


I am facing an issue in reading the data 

The configurations 
The customer database is of Peru(Latin America-Spanish) 

SOURCE : DB2 hosted on z/OS codepage is CCSID37 

Datastge : Version 8.7 hosted on AIX 
Configurations from dsenv file 
export LANG=ES_PE.UTF-8; 
export LC_ALL=ES_PE.UTF-8; 
export LC_CTYPE=ES_PE.UTF-8; 
export LC_TIME=ES_PE.UTF-8; 
Default NLS : Project default (ISO_8859-1:1987) 

Target : DB2 hosted on AIX codepage 1208 and codeset UTF-8 

While extarctind data from source DB2, the data when viewed from datatstage I see the characters ?????? displayed for a particular column.This column size is 8 characters .For example when viewed the data from the datstage using DB2 connector stage, if input value is only 6 characters U12345 then the output is viewed as U12345?? and if input is null then output is ???????? which is the output value is passed with these junk characters

I am able to laod the data without any problems using bulk load option of DB2 but the job fails when used with insert or update.

When I load this data into the target DB2 hosted on AIX the job gets aborted with the error SQLExecute reported: SQLSTATE = 22001: Native Error Code = -302: Msg = [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0302N The value of a host variable in the EXECUTE or OPEN statement is out of range for its corresponding use. SQLSTATE=22001 

Also the other observation made is all the special characters(non English) are visible as . (a dot) in my source system

I tried the options 

Removing unicode extensions 
Using NLS settings as UTF -8 

The link 
indicates the conversion is not feasible... I am not sure if I understood it clearly. 

Any help in identifying where I am going wrong is highly appreciated...Thanks in advance 



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