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Pinned topic IE10 browser - PBCK test

‏2014-03-11T16:31:59Z |
this is a test on IE10 browser.


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    Re: IE10 browser - PBCK test

    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
    // When the app is sandboxed it can't install the helper tool or even talk to it directly. 
    // In that case it uses an non-sandboxed XPC server to do that work.
    #define kXPCServiceName @""
    @protocol XPCServiceProtocol
    - (void)installHelperToolWithReply:(void(^)(NSError * error))reply;
        // Called by the app to install the helper tool.
    - (void)setupAuthorizationRights;
        // Called by the app at startup time to set up our authorization rights in the 
        // authorization database.
    - (void)connectWithEndpointAndAuthorizationReply:(void(^)(NSXPCListenerEndpoint * endpoint, NSData * authorization))reply;
        // Called by the app to get an endpoint that's connected to the helper tool. 
        // This a also returns the XPC service's authorization reference so that 
        // the app can pass that to the requests it sends to the helper tool.  
        // Without this authorization will fail because the app is sandboxed.
    // The following is the interface to the class that implements the XPC service.
    // It's called by the XPC service's main() function, but not by the app directly.
    @interface XPCService : NSObject
    - (id)init;
    - (void)run;