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Pinned topic Backup RAS pluings & settings

‏2013-04-22T11:52:31Z |

Hi there,


I'm trying to make a backup of my RAS 7.5.5 IDE plugins & settings, so if I have to install it new, make it as fast as possible.

I've seen that there's an export option (File / Export / Preferences) that exports my settings to a file, but with the plugins I don't know how to do it well. I have read that in the eclipe IDE, there's a "dropin" folder where you can drop plugins and features files, so on every startup this folder it's scanned and if it have any new plugin or feature, the main Eclipse manage, if there's no conflict, the installation. Here are the urls where I've discovered this info:

My question is: Is there a system in RAS so I can do the same as in Eclipse to recover my plugins & features installation quickly?


Best regards.