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Pinned topic UPDATED! Flash Alert for Guardium collectors up through V9 patch 2. Expired certificates for MySQL

‏2014-07-26T05:10:35Z | certificate flash mysql

The MySQL SSL certificate expired on July 25th, 12:31 PM EST and causes data collection to stop. You will see SSL connection errors. For standalone appliances and CMs, the fix requires patch 1180. Patches 1184 and 1185 were just uploaded today and enable you to push out the updates to MUs from a central manager.  1184 will attempt to push out the updates to all MUs. If any MUS do not have a root passkey, you will need to run a script to update the passkey and then apply 1185 to the CM to push out the change to the rest of the MUs. Please monitor the flash for the most current information. The patches are on FixCentral.

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