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We have created mutiple micro patrtions from one physical server. We have three shared processor pool defaul pool, oracle pool and an infra pool.

The machine has 24 CPU cores and configuration for infra and oracle pool are like this

oracle pool - reserved processing unit is 0 and maximum processing unit is 19 PU

infra pool   - reserved processing unit is 0 and maximum processing unit is 6 PU

we also have a dedicated lpar with 6 PU assigned

My first question how is it possible to allocate processor pool like this, the total itself exceeded the maximum capacity of 24 cores.

When i check the psize in lparstat command, it is shown as 6 ( for all the lpars using infra pool) and for the lpars in oracle pool it is shown as 18.

I was wondering how the number 18 has come for lpars in oracle pool ? Is it 24-6 ( for dedicated) -> 18 (max remaining in the pool) . If that is the case how  can 18 processor be available for oracle pool.

Can you any please provide some explanation for this ?






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    Re: Usage of Multiple Shared Processor pool


    the SPP "max PU" value imposes an upper limit to PU consumption within this pool (think: "license caps"). for each individual SPP it can be as large as the sum of all non-dedicated PUs in the system minus the sum of all reserved PUs in all other SPPs (effectively 18 in your oracle SPP instead of the 19 that have been configured)

    power down your dedicated cpu lpar -> max PU of oracle SPP will show 19.

    the SPP "reserved PU" value reserves PUs for use in this pool in addition to the SPP LPAR's individual entitlement (think: "spare PUs, preferrably for this SPP")
    Mind that unused pool PUs will be harvested by the hypervisor and distributed to other pools up to their respective configured max PU limit.

    there are good examples in redbook 247940

    Joachim Gann


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