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Pinned topic Purify problem with MFC application

‏2013-06-11T14:44:53Z |

HI all.

I'am trying to use purify on my MFC application.

But it seems that my afx_message are not wroking at all because when I'm doing step by step under Purify, I never pass in my OnCreate function.

So after that I have a lot of "members" not intialized and my programm crash.

In fact I am calling the "LoadFrame" Function but I can't (and I don't know why) step inside the CFrameWnd class.

Do you have any idea ?

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    Re: Purify problem with MFC application


    Hello again.


    it seems that the system DLL that are loaded are not from the good folder. In fact Purify will search for the folder c:\windows\sysWOW64 when may program will look for Dll in c:\windows\system32

    Do you have any idea of how ask purify to look in the good folder ?