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‏2013-09-10T13:07:02Z | ds5100
Something went wrong after firmware update on Ds5100. Controller B doesn't work properly.
There are no error messages related to controller B in MEL and LED codes on system and expantion components are green. 
There are two problems:
1. After running test DS Storage Manager ->Advanced-> Run Diagnostic -> Controller usualy we receive «Error 1008 - Could not communicate with the controller in slot B to complete this request» or «Both controllers must be online to perform diagnostic». Sometimes test is Ok. 
2. Twice after success test we changed LUN ownership to controller B for few LUNs. After few hours guest systems lost access to LUNs(just lost, cont A didn't pick up LUNs).
We desided to replace contoller B. 
With new controller we have same issues.
Looks like somethings wrong with firmware. I can't update it via Storage manager, because pre-check test is failed.
I've experience with serial cable and DS4000, but I'm not sure about current system.
Did someone has experince with updating DS5000 such way? 
I'm thinking about turning off the system, disconnect all EXPs, enable only main module, update FW via COM port, turn off and than enable it in normal mode. 
Please provide me with some advices.