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‏2013-11-27T09:55:58Z | 2960 2960s cisco password recovery reset switch
With many cisco switch user have this problem for a long time. This article is in order to help them solve this problem with an easy method.
Easy way to reset Cisco 2960 switch password:
First, power off your Cisco 2960 switch by unplugging its cord. As you reconnect the switch to the power source, press and hold the "Mode" button. On Cisco 2960 switches, this button is located on the front of the switch, on the left hand side.
After three seconds, the LED above the button should change from amber to green and start blinking. You are supposed to hold down the button until the light stops flashing. Release the button.
After you had done those steps, you can reset your password.
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    Re: How To Reset Your Cisco 2960 Switch Password


    Thanks for sharing.....Do you have any idea about Netgear router. I forgot my wi-fi password. Do you know to reset it?



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