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Pinned topic not able to add 2 inspection engines via GUI

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We have this database server which has several oracle databases on it. 

For that I need to add an inspection engine for each database instance.

The S-TAP is only accepting one inspection engine!

While it worked in the past, where I have several inspection engines on one S-TAP, it is now failing, the S-TAP goes down, tries to resync and doesn't add the changes, and I am always getting the following error, attached:

Can read inifile /usr/local/gim/modules/STAP/9.0.../guard_tap.ini: cant stat the db server install dir (/collect/app/product/11.2/dbhome1). Reverting to /usr/local/gim/modules/STAP/9.0.../guard_tap.ini.bak

The database path is correct, and the S-TAP hasn't been modified from the database server.

Can it be a GUI glitch? a GIM error? I can try editing the S-TAP guard_tap.ini from the server itself, but I want to check if anyone has faced this issue before.

Thank you!





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    Re: not able to add 2 inspection engines via GUI


    The DB Install DIr is correct? Do you verified it? From the error message, it seem S-TAP has problem of identifying the DB Install Dir /collect/app/product/11.2/dbhome1.

    Another method you can try is update manually on guard_tap.ini than restart the STAP process to see it is working.