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Pinned topic Ask for help: Very slow to access platform API through Perl

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Dear buddies,

I am new to TEM development, now I have a request to import a BES file into a TEM custom site.

In TEM wiki at developerWorks, there is an example perl script for this job:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Platform%20API%20Examples

I updated the script a little, mainly on

1) it is TEM 8.2, so I replaced check signing key with set server

2) removed some arguments

Here I attached the pl and pm file.

After run the script, the bes file can be imported into the custom site, but the problem is it needs around 3 minutes to complete the import, which is really unbelievable and unacceptable.....

Could you please help throw me some light of why it is so slow and how to fix? When I manually import in TEM console, it is quite quick......

From TEM info center, it says that it needs TEM server SSL certificate, where can I get the TEM server SSL certificate? I guess I dont have it in my machine, is it the possible reason of so slow?

Many thanks! :)


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    Re: Ask for help: Very slow to access platform API through Perl


    I'm sorry, this is a known issue for 8.2, and it's unlikely that we'll release a patch for 8.2 to fix this.  We've made some slight improvements for import in 9.0 via the REST API, and we're continuing to work to make the REST API as fast as possible.  We think the REST api is significantly better than the COM api available in 8.2, and so it's unlikely that we'll make any changes to the COM api, and instead focus our effort on the REST api.