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I am new to HATS/ I have few doubts related to HATS.

I am currently using HATS 7.5.  May be this forumn might not be the correct one but atleast i could get some help where to post this.

1. Is there any way we can see the logs about what are the fields or copybook information while accessing Mainframe screen in HATS log?

2. I am facing a wiered issue like, I have one jsp for both update and Inquiry screen. there are certain fields which are showing in update screen are not visible in Inquiry screen. When I checked I have the type and widget as InputComponent and InputWidget with their respective settings. when i changed this to FieldComponent and FieldWidget the values are showing up both in inquiry and Update screen.

i am breaking my head like anything. it would be great if someone help me on this.

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    Re: HATS Doubt



    The best place to get help with this question is to open a Service Request (SR).

    You can open an SR at the following URL:



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    Re: HATS Doubt


    1. Did not get your point, can you explain it further?

    2. If you are using default rendering then you might want to use FieldComponent and FieldWidget otherwise if you want to use InputComponent and InputWidget you might want to create a separate screen customization for both update and inquiry screens. OR one other way in default rendering could be the use of a button which is placed below the component settings button (e.g. wheel like button which says: In case of component recognition failure use default rendering) and then it will be handled as FieldComponent and FieldWidget by default.