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‏2013-05-03T13:08:59Z | applet


I got task to deploy existing simple applet (running on Tomcat) on WAS v8 (note: never seen WAS before, this is my first time). So I took files from Tomcat's web directory, packed them into WAR file, created simple application.xml with <module><web><web-uri>foo.war</web-uri><context-root>app</context-root></web></module> and put it into subdirectory named META-INF. This WAR and subdir packed into EAR file and deployed as application on WAS. No problem so far (at least no error message). But problem occurs when I tried to open that applet in browser. I can access localhost/app. index.html will load, but applet ends with error: FailedDownloadException -> Unable to load resource file: localhost/app/applet_name.jar. "Funny" thing is - when I put that URL with missing resource into browser, I can see it (I can download that applet JAR).

Applet is loaded via script, resources are linked via JNLP file.

Can someone tell me, what I am doing wrong? Thanks...