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Pinned topic Strange behavior in contract usage report

‏2013-11-26T01:52:07Z |

Hi Friends,

I am setting up the Software Use Analysis 2.2 server with TEM 8.2.1409. The CIT and software scan results are being uploaded correctly to the TEM  and then the SUA Server and I can see that computers have all of the software reported.

My problem has to do with the contract usage report, when I try to create a contract that brings up all windows server systems, I first check what OS name the product/version/component is SUA recognizing for my servers. Then I proceed with the contract creation using only the version level, where the Standard part is being defined: I just get 11 servers from the contract usage report, but there are more than 50 servers and when I checked them individually I see the correct OS version listed.

Something strange happens: when I restrict the contract to a computer group where I put all of my servers as opposed to all computers, it is bringing the correct results. What can be happening in this case? may this be some kind of bug within SUA?

A a side question: are there any recommendations on what level should be used when creating contracts (product/version/release)? should I mix up different levels or even products on the same contract?

Thanks for your support


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    Re: Strange behavior in contract usage report

    ‏2014-02-07T10:58:44Z  in response to harold1


    This sounds like it may be a bug in SUA.

    Please open a PMR, so support can investigate this further also please add as much detailed information into the PMR as possible, screen shots, contact information etc.