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Pinned topic Moving Windows File Agent to another server

‏2014-03-10T09:34:22Z |

We have to move our production File Agent installation to another windows server. With the file Default_Config.ser I can transfer the complete definitions to the new server. But what about the checkpoint file .ckpt ? Copying the ckpt-file to the new server and renaming it to FA_servername1363.ckpt will not work, because the old servername is also contained in the ckpt-file. How can we transfer the old checkpoint file to the new server, to avoid double transfers ?

  • VolkerFriedrich
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    Re: Moving Windows File Agent to another server

    ‏2014-03-12T10:53:04Z  in response to yi03927

    Try deleting the ckpt file. When you start File Agent without a ckpt file (inital mode), it will ...

    • not process existing files
    • process new files, which means files that are created or modified after the time when File Agent started

    File Agent will then automatically create a new ckpt file once it has processed the first new file.

    FYI, the name of the ckpt is build from the current configuration file: FA_<API host DNS name><API port>.ckpt