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Pinned topic Ds3400 restore config from support zip archive

‏2014-08-04T16:50:34Z | config ds3400

I'd like to know how restore a configuration taken from support zip archive (.cfg file) and what will happen to my arrays after that. I don't want loose data inside disks.

I lost my settings because of an error with ds store manager that blocked all communication with all LuN in the enclosure and servers. I had a PANIC error on configuration.

I performed a sysWipe from console to rescue the system. Now finally I have access again with store manager but arrays are lost. Opening cfg file I noticed it is a script file to recreate all array, groups volumes, LuN and topologies but I'm scared to execute it by smcli  program. 

What is the procedure to rescue arrays in a ds3400?

thanks in advance