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Pinned topic Announcing Milestone 6 of IBM SC APM SE vNext Open Beta

‏2013-08-06T19:45:35Z | apm apps cloud ms scm-ai smart

Milestone 6 of the IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management Standard Edition (SC APM SE) vNext open beta is now available to download.


In Milestone 6, we have the following offerings:

  • New features to help ensure that if the issue resides within your Microsoft resources you'll find it and resolve it quickly.  With additional KPIs, alerts, actions, and reports across the board (including updates for SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, and multiple .NET components), this milestone provides an even more robust APM solution for your Microsoft environment.


  • We have added a new MySQL monitoring agent. Install this agent on the Virtual Machine running your MySQL Database and gain immediate visibility into more facets of your application. Not only can you now keep track of your Virtual Machines with both Linux and Windows, you can also see how your MySQL database is performing in near real-time on the same dashboard.


  • A new feature that will safeguard your capacity planning activity from other users who can unintentionally overwrite your data. The system will acquire a lock for you while you work on the planning scenarios.


  • There is also a new Clone systems feature that will help you with your What-if analysis. With this feature you can very quickly replicate the systems, LPARs/VMs in your inventory. You can get information on new VMware attributes and experience enhanced navigation and reporting for system health monitoring and environment planning.


For more detailed information about the IBM SC APM SE vNext beta and to download beta drivers, please visit the IBM SC APM SE vNext wiki page.

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