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We recently added an enclosure to our existing V7000 and thereby a bunch of disks similar to the once we were using already. This Means we now have 3 enclosures all filled with 600GB disks.


Will the data on the old disks (or MDISKs) automatically distribute across all the new disks in order to improve performance, or do we need to do anything manually? When I look at the disk leds the do not blink at all on the newly added enclosure, which indicates these new disks aren't doing anything yet.


The new disks has been added to the same Disk Pool as the old disks (we have only one pool). I've Googled it, and it seems some people are running a script in order to distribute the data (extends) across all available disks. Don't know how I feel about running some custom script from a forum on the Internet on our production SAN though :/


Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Adding disks to V7000


    Distribution of extends to the new MDISKs in the pool wont happen automaticly.


    If you have SSD disks in the pool, and EasyTier is active on all volumes, over time, you will get some extends moved. This happens when an extend is moved back to disk after they are qualified to be on SSD disks anymore. But it can take years before the disks are utilized in a meaningful way.


    To do it manually, add a volume copy of a volume to the same pool. The new copy will then be using all mdisks. When the sync is done, you can remove the old copy. Do this for al volumes and you are in an optimal state. If you have a million volumes, it makes sense to script it, but if its just a handful, do it manually in the GUI.