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Pinned topic recreate defect record based on history???

‏2013-11-25T15:50:11Z | defect form history

Our org would like to be able to see the actual defect record as of a particular history entry.  I am charged with implementing this.  I am not sure which approach I should take and I also wonder if someone else has already done this or something like it???

I believe I have 2 options.  1. when a record changes due to any of the actions that modify it, I can create a record (different form) that contains the values before the change and link it to the history entry somehow.  or 2. when a user clicks on a history entry, reconstruct the record and show it with the field values as of that history entry.  Any advice is welcome.  I don't want to overload the database and I don't want performance to be too slow.

Are there any other ways to accomplish this?


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    Re: recreate defect record based on history???


    If you're trying to view the previous version of a record in the record form, then the simple answer is you can't do it in ClearQuest.

    I guess in this sense you're trying to do something similar to editing/viewing the schema in the ClearQuest Designer. Bear in mind that the schema data are stored with versions while the live data are not. The history of the record (live data) is merely a list of previous actions carried out by various users.

    The closest thing you can get is the AuditTrail package, the ClearQuest's way of record-keeping.

    Have a look and see if it meets your requirement.