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Pinned topic MDM v11 coexists with MDM v9.0.2

‏2014-07-15T08:26:07Z | mdm-migration

Hi, we currently have MDM v9.0.2 installed on our laptops. Would like to install MDM v11.3, however, we get the following error during Database instance verification: Error: Database instance already exists. Stand-alone installs require an environment without a database instance.

Is there a workaround; please advice


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    Re: MDM v11 coexists with MDM v9.0.2


    The stand alone install is quite restricted and is only likely to work on a completely clean machine. I would recommend using the custom install process in most situations anyway, and that should allow you to install MDM v11.3 alongside v9.0.2.

    There are instructions for doing a custom v11 install on the blog. The process for installing v11.3 should be  very similar but let me know if you hit any problems.

    Regards, James